Vicious Trumpers Attack US Citizen After She Speaks Out About Her Husband’s Deportation

It’s not exactly news that Cheeto’s policy on immigration is ripping families apart.What is becoming increasingly prevalent though is the rise of sudden arrests and deportations of those with no criminal history. Even those in the process of fighting deportation while languishing in immigration centers are suddenly having due process swept aside and they are being deported, sight unseen. We’re talking about people who have been here a decade or more and are just trying to live their lives, pay taxes, raise their families and contribute to society. Recently Rose Marie Ascensio-Escobar bravely gave a public statement:

Hello everyone, my name is Rose Marie Ascensio-Escobar. I am a U.S. citizen, I’m here today on behalf of both of my children: Walter, who is seven, and Carmen, who is two. They’re too young so their voices are not as strong as mine, but I will be their voice today. Their father, Jose Escobar, my husband, is an illegal immigrant. I will also be his voice today.

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Rose Marie went on to explain how her family has been ripped apart by King Xenophobe. Her husband, who has spent 17 years  building his American dream he was unceremoniously deported, forced to leave his wife and children behind. His crime? Actually there really wasn’t one, except that he was a Dreamer and until the Great Orange One soiled the White House with his spray tan. Now her family is left fractured and suffering. Very American, right?

Of course, Rose Marie’s heartfelt statement was met with ugly hatred by  the Part-Time Tangerine Czar’s fanclub. The empowered idiots, who feel free to spew their dribbling intolerance from the safety of their basements, went on attack:

Chester is a dote, he likes long walks on legal sandy beaches, and spends his free time you tubing ICE raids while pleasuring himself. What a catch.

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Yes, all those benefits, I mean undocumented immigrants get so many benefits…yuge benefits. Oh, you mean the benefit of living off the grid, and not having access to any actual benefits whatsoever?

It was only a matter of time before poor old God was dragged into this. I didn’t know God was in on US law? Does she caucus with the Democrats?

Because all those darned illegals come here with their hand out demanding it all from a pulpit. Wonder if Jose is one of those child of immigrants that have a “I got mine, why should you have yours “types?

Exactly, so many opinions about a system that they don’t understand, but what’s worse is they don’t want to understand, ignorant assumptions are much easier to digest.

I had to add this, Anne is now my spirit animal.  I think Antonio just summed it all up perfectly, compassion and knowledge, what a dangerous combination.


I could read that paragraph all day.

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