Video Proves Republican Lawmaker Lied About Being Assaulted By Liberal Protesters

Uh-oh it looks like another member of the super truthful GOP is in a bit of pickle this week after he lied about being assaulted by scary liberals over the weekend. Honest Abe would be soooo disappointed.

On Sunday, Texas State Rep. Jeff Leach spoke to a group of sign wielding pro-equality protesters outside of the Plano Centre during the Collin County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner when suddenly, he says, he was just treated so badly. After the event Leach posted about his bigly bad experience:

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OMG! He was spit on? And cursed at? That is terrible! Too bad there isn’t a video of these deplorable protesters assaulting an important lawmaker so that they can be arrested and thrown in jail where they belong!

Oh wait…there is? Well, let’s see that bad boy:

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In case you are not able to watch it, here is a quick recap: The protesters shouted questions at the lawmaker. He then walks over and has a calm discussion with them, it is so calm that he offers to give them his personal cellphone number. Then he says he doesn’t support transgender students’ right, the crowd boos a bit and Leach walks away. End of video.

There was no spitting. No cursing. No assault. Just a group of peaceful protesters asking their representative to explain himself and a little bit of booing. In addition to the video, one of the protesters, Carissa Stonecutter of the group Liberty Tree, told the Houston Chronicle that nothing violent happened:

That night I had sent him a PM thanking him for trying to speak with the group and letting him know I didn’t think the shouting/heckling at the end was appropriate. Then he posts on his page about cursing, spitting and abuse. That was simply untrue.

When Leach was confronted with the video that proves he’s a big lying liar, he responded by saying the assault happened off camera.

How convenient!

Expect to see more Republicans lying about assaults at their events, the GOP is getting desperate to deligitimize the very real concerns of Americans who do not support their sh*tty policies or president.

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