Washed Up Racist Congressman Gets Taken Apart On CNN After Threatening To Harm Obama (VIDEO)

Ex Congressman and national embarrassment, Joe Walsh, is a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with white America. He accidentally got elected by clueless Tea Partiers to a single term in Congress, after which he proved to be such an A-hole that even the Tea Party didn’t want him back again.

Joe’s notable achievements include dodging child support payments that he’s been refusing to pay for years, and getting kicked off his own radio show for using the N-word. Now, he’s added one more offensive feather to his hat of shame by simultaneously inciting a race war, while threatening President Obama with assassination.


The tweet was deleted by the cowardly Tea Partier, but the internet never forgets. His shame has since been spread around in many viral internet posts and news articles, ultimately leading him to CNN and a chance to attempt to explain himself.

Yes, he threatened President Obama and he did it with violent implications. He also threatened a race war, by having “real” (white) America come after black people trying to have a voice in our society. There’s no debating these points. With that realization in mind, you might think even a ultra-racist Tea Party angry white man like Joe Walsh might back down on his words.

That’d be incorrect. He didn’t back down, but doubled down. Joe immediately started talking about how Barack Obama is both a racist, and responsible for almost all violence against police since Ferguson. He then proved he isn’t actually racist by saying he would allow people of color to help in his “war” against Obama and other black people like him.

Watch Joe Walsh demonstrate why he is a “one term” congressman below:

Joe also tried to claim that he didn’t delete his tweet. He said that Twitter shut down his account and forced him to delete it before re-opening it. We weren’t able to find details on whether or not this is actually something Twitter does, but considering Joe was still tweeting only an hour or two after the deleted one, it’s more likely he chickened out and is just too embarrassed to admit it.

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  • RepublicansLie

    You’re a PIG who doesn’t pay child support, Joe. You should be in PRISON for threatening the President. There IS racism in the Police Departments. And that’s what PRESIDENT Obama said.

    STFU, Sit the Fck down, and bow to President Hillary Clinton the next 8 years, Joe.