Watch A Fox Host Downplay KKK Support For Trump As ‘Divisive’–Because Liberal Media Is Biased (VIDEO)

The Ku Klux Klan and various other white nationalist organizations have been saying for months that Donald Trump is their candidate for president. But now, according to Fox host Tucker Carlson, mentioning that support is “divisive.”

Carlson appeared on the curvy couch with Fox and Friends’ resident dim bulbs Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, where he offered his opinion on why the KKK’s support for Trump is being discussed. Carlson, whose Daily Caller website often offers stories with racial overtones, doesn’t want to talk about the fact that Trump is getting more explicit support from racist groups than any presidential candidate in a long time. No, according to him, the KKK story is out there because the Clinton campaign is “worried that black voters aren’t excited about Hillary Clinton.”

Carlson goes on to say that bringing up the Klan is “really divisive.” Then host Ainsley Earhardt pipes up, noting that Democrats are making a big deal out of a KKK newspaper endorsing Trump. “They’re saying that because they [the KKK] supports Donald Trump, he supports them,” she whines. Left hanging in the air is the unasked question, “Why does a person or group support certain political candidates?”

Not quite finished kicking at Democrats over the Trump-KKK connection, Kilmeade brings in one of the GOP’s favorite revisionist history talking points. After Carlson notes that the KKK is “not a force in American life in 2016,” Kilmeade adds this:

It’s not a Republican force, either. It’s a Democratic force.

Carlson is wrong, of course. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate group map shows there are KKK chapters operating in more than half of the states in the country, including northern states and California. And Kilmeade, who just had to get in a shot at Democrats, actually contradicts Carlson’s remark with that statement. His revisionist history aside, it could have been fun to have Kilmeade explain how a “Democratic force” is going all in to support a Republican candidate.

Here’s Tucker Carlson and his BFFs crying about mean Democrats pointing out that the KKK loves Trump, via Media Matters:

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