Watch A Pissed Off Jon Stewart Shut Down Every Single Conservative In America (VIDEO)

Do you know how to tell when American conservatism has reached a particularly bad point? It’s when people are actually coming out of retirement to fight back against it. Not only are they coming back, but they’re also pissed off.

Jon Stewart is one of those people. He returned to the set of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to deliver a a message to not only Trump, Fox News and other mainstream idiots, but to every single conservative voter in America as well. The message was clear — We see you now for what you really are, and you have Trump to thank for it.

Jon used Sean Hannity of Fox News, who he referred to as “Lumpy” during the segment, as the springboard for his attack. He exploited Hannity’s rhetoric to make a larger point about every single conservative in America – the point being this country isn’t yours and, no, we aren’t giving it back to you no matter how scary you act, or how much you threaten us.

Watch Jon Stewart wreck Trump and every damned conservative that supports him below:

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