Watch A Trumpster Try His Hardest To ‘Not Be Racist’…And Fail Miserably

Racism has been a right-wing policy since Nixon in the 1960s. It doesn’t matter if those right-wingers voted Democrat or Republican, it’s been part of their (white) identity since Civil Rights Movement and the Voting Rights Act — and even before, since racism is in the DNA of this country.

And President Obama, being America’s first black president, has borne the most visible brunt of it. From an intransigent congress to an absolutely bonkers, stark-raving mad population of rural white people who spent the better part of eight years LARPing as Revolutionary War soldiers, the mostly unspoken reason why these people hated President Obama wasn’t his policy — they used “socialism” as a place holder to justify their ignorance on that front — but the color of his skin.

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It was that sort of racism that spoke out loudly on 11/9, when Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States.

And to illustrate that racism… well, just check out these right-wing posts since they capture it perfectly:


I like how he’s “trying so hard not to be a racist.” He’s failing miserably, but give the man props. And not only is he a terrible person, he’s also a terrible writer.

The gold, though, is in the comments. I personally like “Islamics;” it’s the sort of stupid stuff your teabagger uncle says when he thinks he’s being clever.


This could be an ISIS recruitment poster. The text would read something like, “and you thought America was the land of freedom and opportunity? Here’s proof it’s not! They want a war with all Muslims!” And you know what? ISIS would be right.

Congrats on proving the terrorist organization right, conservatives.

But hey, let’s just ignore the fact that this is the base that supported Trump and pretend it’s all about “economic anxiety” and there’s no racism at all! That works. It’s not like Clinton and Obama had any viable economic policies aimed at helping people economically. Oh, wait…

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President Obama has been dealing with this for eight years now. And on November 9, racism and xenophobia won the presidency and it now governs the nation through what’s basically a Single-Party state. Take a good long look, since this is going to be the governing mentality for the next eight years — longer if Trump shapes the Supreme Court — but much shorter if that belligerent orange ape gets us into a rousing game of tag with China using nuclear warheads.

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