WATCH: Anti-Semitic C-List Trump Fan Mel Gibson’s Soul Dies Screaming As Meryl Streep Thrashes Trump

It’s the little things that make life wonderful. Yes, it was great watching Meryl Streep completely destroy Donald Trump’s ego at the Golden Globes without so much as mentioning his name, but it’s not until we see anti-Semitic C-list has-been Mel Gibson’s face in the audience that we can truly appreciate how beautiful of a moment it truly was.

As Streep condemned the President-elect’s decision to blatantly make fun of a reporter’s disability over a story that was more than a decade old. While most would agree that this sort of behavior should be condemned, Gibson and fellow cracker-American Vince Vaughn sat in silent agony as though Streep was telling them that they couldn’t star in or produce terrible movies anymore. It such a beautiful moment that you can actually watch Gibson’s soul die in real time.

There. Right there. The camera almost caught the exact nanosecond the actual light left his eyes.

As for Vaughn, he sat and allowed his anger to bubble up inside, barely keeping it from boiling over the surface (though as the star of Dodgeball, one can easily understand how Vaughn’s own self-hatred leaves little room inside for anger that isn’t already there.) Fortunately, he was able to stop his eyeballs from exploding.

Nothing Streep said was wrong. Those in power should be held accountable. It’s bad to make fun of the disabled. These are simple concepts that should not bother anyone. But they bother Trump supporters so much that they wear their anger on their sleeves. And this was no better demonstrated than by watching this has-been and this never-has-been’s reactions to hearing about basic human decency.

Watch the clip below:


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