WATCH: Ben Carson Proves He’s The Dumbest Man Alive, Says Khans Owe Trump An Apology (VIDEO)

Ben Carson isn’t exactly the brightest bulb on the tree. I mean, honestly…it really doesn’t quite make sense. How can a man who so efficiently learned the inner workings of the human brain who also managed to rise to a top spot at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world be so…stupid? Because…stupid…is really the only word that describes this man.

Maybe there was a nitrous oxide leak in his operating room he never recovered from. He is a Republican, and as Nancy Reagan said, “Just say N2O.”

From his unbelievably dumb answers on the debate stage to his obvious lies about his past, Ben Carson won’t be remembered for the work he did or the lives he saved and changed; he’ll be remembered as the nutcase with an entire wall in his home dedicated to Ben Carson and a portrait of himself with Jesus. White Jesus and everything.

In his latest attempt to embarrass himself and his party, Carson came out in an interview with CNN and declared that the whole Trump vs. Fallen soldier’s Muslim parents controversy definitely warrants an apology, so the Khans should get right to it:

Go home, Ben…you’re drunk.

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