WATCH: Chris Christie Just Blamed Donald Trump’s Racism On Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s new narrative that Hillary Clinton is a bigot because she ran against Obama in 2008 is just about the most laughable thing imaginable. Through edited videos and recordings of Clinton cut off mid-sentence, Trump has been on a mission to paint Clinton as a racist.

If it weren’t such a sad attempt to deflect his own campaign’s obvious white-supremacist nature from day one it would be almost…funny. Hillary Clinton is a racist because she likes hot sauce. She’s a bigot because her “policies” over the years have been bigoted. The man who started his campaign by saying Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists and has made his name on the idea of kicking out anyone with brown skin and creating a religious test to keep Muslims from coming to America is actually pushing this concept in the hopes that the 1 percent of African-Americans and less than 1 percent of Muslims who say they’ll vote for him somehow multiplies.

Trump lackie and cheeseburger delivery boy, Chris Christie, has the perfect explanation as to why Trump is a racist. Hillary Clinton made him that way. By calling him out for being a racist, which he is, Clinton has interjected race into the campaign. Not Trump’s remarks about Mexicans, not his stance on taking up the Rudy Giuliani method of profiling and clearing the streets of minorities to solve crime and not his call to ban all Muslims from entering the US — Hillary Clinton:

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Saying Hillary Clinton is responsible for Trump’s racism because she calls him out on it is almost like saying Donald Trump is responsible for Christie’s weight problem because he made fun of him for eating too many Oreos.


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