WATCH: Chuck Todd Just Turned Rudy Giuliani Into A Stuttering Buffoon And We Love It

King Groper Donald Trump’s most loyal creep Rudy Giuliani appeared on Meet The Press Sunday morning to defend him and it went really badly. MTP host Chuck Todd did his job for once and jumped right into it with the former New York City mayor asking if he was the only one left to defend Donald Trump.

Todd pointed out that Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway was originally booked for the show and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was booked for a couple of others but both pulled out and left Giuliani holding the deplorable bag. King Groper’s fanboy denied that was what happened but didn’t sound very convincing–and that was only the beginning.

When answering a question about whether or not Sir Sexual Assaulter would drop out of the race, Giuliani tried to explain his comments away by saying they were 12 years ago and he was a private citizen at the time. The members of the GOP who are still on Mr. Grabby Hands’ side have been repeating the same lines of bullshit all weekend and the MTP host was having none of that nonsense.

Todd quickly launched an all-out assault on the Republican presidential nominee’s actions by using an interview of Trump on Howard Stern in 2008 bragging that he ogles women in dressing rooms, while poor Rudy melted into a babbling mess:

GIULIANI: ye..bu..still, he wasn’t running for president, he was on a shock jock show. Howard Stern happens to be a friend of mine but–

TODD: Let me ask you this Mr. Mayor: Why is the idea of not running,’Well, he wasn’t running for president, so it’s okay to be a misogynist.’ He wasn’t running for president so it’s okay to make unwanted sexual advances?

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Try as he might, Giuliani could not get a proper defense out and when he tried to attack Hillary and Bill Clinton, Todd destroyed him. It was beautiful.

Watch the interview below:

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