Watch Fox And Friends’ Pathetic Attempt To Blame Trump Jr.’s Collusion On Democrats

You knew this was coming, right? Almost as soon as Donald Trump Jr. released his emails that confirmed he met with a Russian lawyer because he was expecting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, the right began spinning the story in a bunch of different directions.

By far the most popular argument goes like this: “Ok, so he met with this lawyer. But he didn’t do anything illegal.” That one is kind of hilarious on its face, since anyone and everyone connected to Big Daddy Trump has been denying they met with any Russians for months.

But there is also another claim that is starting to make the rounds in right-wing media — that the whole thing was a setup by Democrats. That is what the curvy couch crew on Fox And Friends threw into the spin cycle on Thursday morning.

The usual gang of idiots — Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Ainsley Earhardt — was joined by special guest idiot Mark Steyn to talk about the Trump Jr. meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, and raise all sorts of questions about her.

The segment begins with a clip of Iowa senator Chuck Grassley, who says, “If there had been enforcement of the immigration laws she wouldn’t have been in the country.”

Grassley’s comment leads resident leprechaun Brian Kilmeade to observe,

I also want to find out about how this Russian lawyer was allowed to get here when she had an expired visa, and why the attorney general, Loretta Lynch, allowed this to happen.

That leads to several minutes of muddled conversation about visas, Democrats, Ukrainians, and the DNC, all working the same two angles: 1) Democrats colluded with Ukrainians, and 2) maybe the whole meeting between Junior and the lawyer was a setup by Democrats.

Completely missing from the conversation was this one simple fact: by his own admission, Junior went to meet Veselnitskaya with the expectation he would be handed damaging information about Hillary Clinton. No matter who was behind setting up the meeting, it was what Junior expected to get from it that made the whole thing potentially criminal. As observers have noted, go to meet an undercover cop who says he has cocaine to sell you. It doesn’t matter that his “cocaine” is actually powdered sugar; the fact that you went expecting to get cocaine makes you guilty of a crime. But don’t expect the dim bulbs of Fox And Friends to understand that.

Here’s the conversation, via Fox News:

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