Watch Fox Morons Make Fools Of Themselves — The Law Doesn’t Apply To Republicans (VIDEO)

The stupidity of the GOP was once again on display during the RNC, when party officials scoffed at copyright laws and made their own rules…as usual. They were heartily endorsed for it by their number one propaganda outlet, Fox News.

There truly is no end in sight to the absolute ignorance of Fox News. Proving once again that they have zero knowledge of how things work in the real world, Fox and Friends went off on a tangent about how the GOP, who has officially nominated the “Law and Order” candidate, Donald Trump, about how the law doesn’t apply because they said so.

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The actors and actresses at Fox are all in a tizzy because they think you should be able to use whatever you want if you’re a Republican. Copyright laws? who cares? George Harrison is dead anyway. And shouldn’t we be using good old-fashioned American songs? Does Keith Richards even remember writing songs anymore?

Yes, these are actual arguments used by actual people who are watched and trusted by actual imbeciles. The hypocrisy is so thick you can almost reach out and touch it. We are a nation of laws. We need to restore order. We must be vigilant about enforcement.

Unless it interferes with our convention music, at which point we must ignore it, laugh at it, make fun of dead people and put together a clip that makes Donald Trump look even dumber than usual:

Isn’t that just spiffy? It’s actually a good segment if your average viewer is a 68-year-old white guy waiting for the next Fox actress to have a “wardrobe malfunction.” To the rest of us, it’s just another reason to point at the Fox and their ridiculous party and laugh.

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  • michael straus

    What retards they are at FAUX so Called News. Just un-fu@kin real. Are people really that clueless, brainless twits?