WATCH: GOP Lawmaker Flip Out And Attack Liberal While Crowd Of Deplorables Applauds

Pennsylvania State Senator Scott Wagner lost his f*cking mind during a speech on Tuesday when he looked over and noticed he was being filmed. A videographer with the liberal super PAC American Bridge 21st Century was taking a video of Wagner, who is running for governor, while he was speaking to constituents when the incident occurred. The senator demanded to know who the filmmaker was and then began asking him how he got into the event. Showing off for his crowd of dimwits, Wagner said:

I’m going to confiscate your camera. … You’re not a member here and you’re trespassing,” Wagner said, telling his audience that “you’re about to see your senator in action.

“You can’t take my camera,” the man said.

“I’m taking it,” Wagner replied. “Watch me take it.

Rightfully upset, the activist began filming from his cellphone and demanded the senator give him his property back. Officials from the club where the incident occurred then got involved and started defending Wagner’s theft of the man’s equipment. The filmmaker repeatedly said that he was bleeding as a result of the assault and the officials at the club did nothing.

Eventually the police arrived and defused the situation, but did not take anyone to jail even though the senator clearly should have been arrested for assault.


And there you have it folks. The GOP has become so hostile, that some members believe that they have a right to attack member of the electorate when they film them. Because that’s super American and stuff.


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