WATCH Hillary Remind Us Why Trump Isn’t Fit To Lead A Boy Scout Troop, Much Less America, In New Ad

In the third presidential debate Donald Trump grudgingly conceded that Hillary Clinton has far more experience in government than has he. “But it is bad experience,” he added. Clinton countered that in the debate, and now she is fleshing out her comments in her latest campaign ad.

The former First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State outlined for the audience exactly what her experience is, and brilliantly contrasted it to that of Trump. The kicker came when she noted that while she was in the White House situation room, watching the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, Trump was hosting “Celebrity Apprentice.”

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Americans love pictures to go with their words, and that is exactly what Clinton’s new ad gives them — pictures, and even a few quotes from Trump himself that back up what she claims. At this point, with a lead that seems to be mounting every day, any further beatdowns of Trump are just icing on the cake. But they’re still fun to watch.

Here’s Hillary’s latest reminder of what a total tool Trump is, via Facebook:

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