WATCH: Irate Black Father Goes Looking For Trump Thugs Who Attacked His Daughter (VIDEO)

We knew we’d be hearing stories like this, didn’t we? Trump’s election has opened the gates of hell and all of the racists and other assorted criminals are feeling a new boldness. The past few days have seen a barrage of nastiness and threats from Trump supporters on social media, and in some places there have been actual physical confrontations.

On Friday morning the website FlyHeight posted a video of an irate black father, whose high-school aged daughter was apparently on the receiving end of one of those physical confrontations. According to the man, his daughter was walking home from school when she was attacked by a group of Trump supporters who hit her in the face with rocks.

Nothing the man says can be verified: the location of the video isn’t clear, and he never says where this alleged incident occurred. But if he’s lying he’s a pretty good actor, because it’s obvious that he is extremely upset.

Unfortunately this is probably going to get worse before it gets better, as many people who have kept quiet about their racism are showing themselves, now that they have just elected their racist in chief.

Here’s one black father’s story about Trump supporters, via FlyHeight (caution — strong language):