Watch Jim Bob Duggar Say Molestation Is Common In Christian Families (VIDEO)

The Duggar family may be many things, but true Christians they are not — and this video proves it.

Jim Bob and his clueless wife were being interviewed by Megyn Kelly regarding the serial molestation that their son Josh was inflicting on his underage sisters. One statement in particular that Jim Bob made during the interview showed exactly how seriously (or should I say not seriously) he took this situation.

Remember that Jim Bob knew Josh had been repeatedly sexually molesting many of his own young daughters this whole time. The response below was the best he could give as a defense of his inaction. Now, remind me how he’s a Christian again.

Watch Jim Bob Duggar show that he’s the farthest thing from Christian below:

Also, keep in mind that Jim Bob interfered with a police investigation, lying to the cops about the severity of what Josh did. He underplayed it severely to the point that the cops let Josh off with a warning, when otherwise they’d have arrested him. Only after the statute of limitations was passed did the family admit to what happened.

The look on his wife’s face pretty much says it all…


This is right-wing Christian America truly at its worst.

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