Watch Mitch McConnell Squirm When Asked Whether He Believes Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower

Donald Trump’s Saturday morning tweets accusing Barack Obama of having wiretapped Trump Tower continues to be a topic of discussion in Washington. The consensus among sane people is that it didn’t happen, and definitely not in the illegal matter which Trump suggested. But when it comes to Republicans it seems easier for some of them to refute Trump’s claim than others.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may look like a turtle, but during a Thursday morning Politico interview he was definitely playing the part of weasel, appearing to try to say that he agrees with the sane that Trump is off his rocker without actually saying anything he thought might piss off the petulant-child-in-chief.

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Politico’s Anna Sherman asked McConnell if he believes Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. The answer, Mitch, is “No. That would be ridiculous. And as president, Trump would have access to all the information he needs to prove his allegation, which he should share with the Congress.” Or words to that effect. But of course such honestly is out of the question from McConnell.

The senator hesitates, then visibly squirms before saying somewhat haltingly, as if he is carefully choosing every word:

There’s no evidence of that. I’ve not heard of it before.

Not exactly the best response, but he should have left it there. But in order to make sure his God-Emperor is crystal clear that McConnell was not dissing him, McConnell adds, “But that’s an appropriate subject for the Senate Intelligence Committee to take a look at.”

Mitch McConnell, the world’s first turtle-weasel hybrid.

Here’s the clip, via Politico:

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