WATCH: NPR Reporter Burns Spicer To The Ground After He Cites Debunked Source For Wire Tapping Claim

Today on “The Sean Spicer Show” the press secretary was humiliated by an NPR reporter after he used an Obama Administration source to quantify the president’s wiretapping claims.

Tamara Keith asked a follow-up question after Sean Spicer decreed from the podium earlier in the press briefing on Friday that an Obama-era Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia and Ukraine leaked information to Mika Brzezinski that Obama had spied on Trump and spread classified information for political purposes. But Keith quickly noted Farkas was barely relevant.

Keith asked:

My understanding is that Dr. Farkas left the administration in 2015, so why is what she said in 2017 relevant to something that allegedly happened in 2016?

Spicer was struck with mush mouth and stammered out (misspellings are transcribed exactly as Spicer spoke):

The question I would have to you is exactly. Why is it? What is it? She says inner things. I’m urging my colleagues I’m urging them to get the hrill. The presumption seems to be why is it interesting? Have you asked her?


No, you’re the one telling us to —


No! You haven’t. So, no, no. She’s the one who has been on television talking about what she’s done.


I don’t believe everything I see on TV.

That is a BURN, baby!

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Here’s what is really happening with Farkas. Her original claims appeared in the New York Times early on in March that the Obama Administration had done all they could to preserve their intel on Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election so it couldn’t be destroyed by the Trump Administration.  She also made other media appearances talking about giving advice to the Obama Administration officials on how to preserve intel of Russian interference.

Right-wing sites mish-mashed her quotes from several different reports and spread the rumor that she had leaked Obama-era spying on Trump and his campaign staff. It has no basis in reality.

Dr. Farkas herself confirms that the rumor mill is untrue:

So, here’s the score: Farkas never confirmed Obama-era spying and she never leaked classified info. But Spicer, who used his handy alternative facts and followed the lead of rumor mills, accused her of the opposite in order to complete his mental gymnastics routine to vindicate Trump for wildly asserting his predecessor had spied on him.

But hey, she said something on da TeeVee so it MUST be true!

Stayed tuned for The Sean Spicer Show next week when he shows up with bald patches on his scalp and tells reporters Trump can fly.

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Watch today’s exchange:

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