Watch Obama Embarrass The Hell Out Of Reince Priebus At The WH Correspondent’s Dinner (VIDEO)

It was the last correspondents’ dinner of the Obama presidency and our president made sure that he went out on a good note. In attendance was none other than the “leader,” if you can call him that, of the Republican Party – Reince Priebus, and he was directly in President Obama’s cross hairs for mockery, as you’ll see in the video below.

Other than having a name that makes approximately the same sound as a knife scraping across a chalkboard, Reince’s most notable achievement in recent history is standing by powerless as Donald Trump and the Tea Party racists who support him completely destroy what few grains of value were left in the Republican Party.

Priebus had been going on for months about how Trump wouldn’t be the nominee. Then he moved on to neither confirming or denying it. Now he’s at a point where he barely appears on TV anymore, and he’s busy trying to save his own job as he’s all but admitting defeat.

The entire Republican Party, under his watch, couldn’t stop one guy from completely hijacking the Party and forcing Republicans to openly admit that they’re nothing but a bunch of racists, bigots and a-holes who have too many violent tendencies for their own good.

Personally, if I were him I would have stayed home. Just think – it would be awkward enough to show up at a company dinner if everyone that worked there knew you were terrible at your job. Imagine how much worse it is when the POTUS is standing on stage making fun of you for it.

Watch President Obama totally roast the hell out of Reince Priebus below:

That had to hurt. Now, all anyone will remember about Reince Priebus is that he was such a failure in politics that a sitting U.S. President chose him out of thousands of other targets to mock in front of the world.

Thank you, RNC, for the best comedy of 2016.

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  • David

    I wonder if anyone has noticed that if you take all the vowels out of Reince Priebus’ name, your are left with RNC PR BS.