WATCH: President Obama Masterfully Dispels The ‘Dangers Of Women In Combat’ Myth (VIDEO)

No matter what our President does, conservatives will whine. Take, for example, the decision to allow women to be in combat roles in our military. Because the armed forces are dominated by men and because it’s a policy of the Obama administration, studies were immediately implemented to find out what the consequences of having women on the front lines would be.

The statistics weren’t good. Politicians from the Armed Services committees decided the only way to tell if women would be effective was to put them in mixed-gender training groups that ended up scoring significantly lower than all male groups. These were forward assault teams that would need to knock down doors in urban settings like Fallujah in extremely difficult situations women had never trained for before. In the end, it was concluded that those units were slower, more prone to injury and death and completed their missions with lower proficiency, if at all.

But once again, as President Obama makes clear to a woman whose husband is one of those forward assault team Marines, the right-wing spin isn’t always what it seems. The order to put women in combat roles wasn’t some politically correct experiment meant to weaken the military and force women into those roles, it was to give them an equal chance to try out for the job.

President Obama explains it best:

Once again he wrecks the idiocy of the right with pure and simple logic. And he did so in a way that not only perfectly explained the policy but made a military woman and wife make the move from obvious dislike for the president and his policies to smiling and relieved at his perfectly valid explanation. That’s the difference between a politician and a leader.

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