Watch Sanctimonious Right-Wing Outrage Machine Tomi Lahren Twitter Trolled Into A Glorious Tizzy

According to USA Today, rapper Wale dissed Tomi Lahren in a song called Smiles. In the diss track, the rapper calls Lauren by the wrong name, “Tammy,” which resulted in the severe twisting of the conservative clod’s panties. The lyric says:

Maybe I should meet Tammy Lahren, I’ll Lauryn Hill her… she miseducated anyway. Probably hate the color of my face.

Completely missing the point of a “diss track,” Tammy, or Tanya, or Trina, or whatever her name is, tweeted:

And, that’s when the Twitterverse took over, seeking out every “T” name imaginable to address  Tara.

You get the idea. Among her racist supporters’ words of sympathy is a plethora of replies with different “T” names. I’m sure there are plenty of others that haven’t been used yet. Taralynn might be a good one. Or perhaps, Teghan.

Just check out a baby names website and then hop on over to Tillie’s page and give her some warm regards.

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Special thanks to our friend at Modern Liberals for sharing this story.

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