WATCH: Sean Spicer Came So Close To Telling The Truth That We Had To Rewind The Video

The big discussion since Ted Koppel’s segment on the March 26 airing of CBS Sunday Morning has been about the veteran newsman’s put down of Fox News tool Sean Hannity. But Hannity wasn’t the only person interviewed by Koppel for his segment on the current political divide among Americans. Another one of the interviewees was White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and as we have come to expect, Spicey had a couple of very interesting things to say.

We don’t know how long the unedited version of Spicer’s interview was, but he was only on screen for a minute or so. And during that time he told a pretty big lie and almost called Donald Trump a dictator.

First the lie: Spicer told Koppel that Trump has “over 100 million followers” on three social media platforms. He was actually trying to suggest that the orange emperor is being followed by almost one-third of the people in the country. Not even close.

Trump’s personal Facebook account has 21.7 million followers. The POTUS Facebook account has another 1.4 million. On Twitter Trump is followed by 27.1 million, with another 16.3 million who follow the POTUS Twitter account. And on Instagram? Trump has 6.3 million followers. That brings his total to 72.8 million followers. Even if you add in the 3.4 million who follow the White House Instagram account Trump’s total is nowhere near the “over 100 million” claimed by Spicer. And that doesn’t even consider that there are going to be a bunch of people who follow Trump on multiple social media platforms. So that was fail number one.

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But the big “oops” came when Spicer almost called Trump “authoritarian.”

Koppel asked Spicer if we are at a point when “we shouldn’t take the president of the United States literally.”

In his reply Spicer wanted to use the word “authoritative.” But that word just wouldn’t come to him. So instead what he started to say was “The president is very authoritarian.” But he caught himself as he tripped over the word, which he quickly repeated as something like “authoritative.”

It’s ok Sean. We all know your boss seriously wants to be the dictator that George W. Bush joked about wanting to be. Freudian slip or just a moment of tangled tongue, you almost admitted it.

Here’s what Spicer had to say about Trump’s social media accounts and “authoritaitativeness” via CBS News:

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