Watch Stephen Colbert Call Trump A Nazi And A$$hole On Live TV (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert seems to have declared all-out war on Donald Trump, and he doesn’t care how much Republicans hate his show because of it. In an outrageously hilarious segment on The Late Show, Stephen went to his blackboard and laid out a “diagram” showing in not-so-hidden meaning just what he thinks of Donald.

While Stephen’s skit was intended for comedy, let’s face it – hes 100 percent right. It’s no longer hyperbole or violating some rule of decorum to call Donald Trump a Nazi. The only difference between him and Hitler is a moustache and a different ethnic and religious group he hates. And aside from the Nazi thing? Well if he wasn’t hating on minorities or Muslims so much, he’d still be just as big of an asshole.

This is why we need people like Stephen. News outlets are afraid of Donald. Comedians aren’t. Thank God they’re here to do the job our journalists used to do.

Watch Stephen’s funniest Donald Trump skit ever below:

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