WATCH: That Time Donald Trump Admitted How He Really Feels About Paula Jones (1998 VIDEO)

Trump’s defense for being a complete scumbag took all of 30 seconds to formulate. “Bill¬†Clinton.” It was really just that simple. “Mr. Trump, how do you answer to allegations of sexual harassment and assault?” “Bill Clinton.”

“Bill Clinton.”

It’s true that Bill Clinton has had many serious allegations thrown at him throughout the years. It is also true that aside from Monica Lewinsky, not a single one has ever been substantiated. The women who accused him in most cases went on to huge cash settlements and book deals. Those are facts, and they are completely irrelevant. Bill Clinton isn’t running for president. They already call him that. It is Donald’s determination, however, to make Bill Clinton his defense no matter what, even going so far as to pull some of Clinton’s past into interviews and invite them to the second debate.

One of those women, Paula Jones, is considered one of the least credible of the bunch. The case she brought was ruled on in favor of President Clinton and dismissed with prejudice. Upon appeal, she was finally awarded the huge chunk of cash she was after when Clinton decided he wanted nothing more to do with her, settling out of court and admitting no guilt in the process.

20 years later, Donald Trump decides that Paula Jones is the innocent victim of Bill Clinton. By her own statement, Bill Clinton — unlike Trump — knows that no means no. One of the reasons her case was ruled against her was because the judge found that even if her story were true, which is suspect to say the least, she wasn’t forced to do anything, harassed at work or affected physically, emotionally or financially.

But…Hillary Clinton was mean to her, so there’s that. Hillary Clinton was, apparently, supposed to have the woman accusing her husband of horrific things over to the White House for tea. Perhaps she should have taken her shoe shopping. She definitely shouldn’t have been such a “bitch” to her. That was just…wrong.

Donald Trump, back when the issue was front and center in the news, had a very different opinion of Jones:

It seems that he didn’t believe the “loser” back then, so what changed? That’s simple. Back then, Paula Jones wasn’t a piece he needed for his chessboard. He hadn’t yet been humiliated by a sitting black president at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner sending him into a rage that would ultimately end where we are today.

Never mind all of that and never mind that he thought she was a loser before he needed her. Those things are irrelevant. Because Bill Clinton.

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