WATCH: That Time Trump Gave Credit To The Guy Who’s ACTUALLY Responsible For ISIS

Donald Trump recently accused Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of “founding ISIS.” He keeps saying it over and over in cable news interviews and on social media, regardless of how many times people have proven him factually wrong. The guy’s repeating like a scratched record at this point.

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Thankfully, the internet came through on this one. Now we can add a new person to the list of who says Donald Trump is wrong about who created ISIS. That new person is … Donald J. Trump.

In the video below, Trump places the blame squarely where it should be for all the problems that happened in Iraq, and it sure as hell wasn’t on President Obama or Hillary Clinton. It was 2007 and Trump, along with the rest of a war-weary nation, placed the blame for all our Middle-Eastern problems with the Republican party and George W. Bush.

Granted, ISIS didn’t exist as it does today in 2007. However, the way that Donald is trying to place the blame on Obama and Hillary is completely disproved by his own statements just some years prior. The Iraq war caused all of this to get to the level it has and we know who started all that.

In the 2007 vid, in which Trump blames G.W. Bush and Republicans, he’s actually correct. Shocking, but it’s been known to happen from time to time. Now he wants to have it both ways, which is no surprise really. Tough luck for him that the internet wins this argument.

Watch Trump prove he’s a liar below:

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