WATCH: This 8 Seconds Of Bill Nye Is The Perfect Response To Religious Nonsense (VIDEO)

This is maybe the most satisfying video you’ll watch today.

First, we have the religious nut case who declares that fiction is fact if the bible says so. He ACTUALLY gives an example and everything. Then we have the 8-second response of Bill Nye, which is absolutely perfect.

Before you go getting all upset, we here at GOPocalypse know full well that this video was spliced together using a segment from Amy Schumer’s “The Universe.” That doesn’t make it any less funny:

There are so many examples of how this response would be perfect, but this one is just too awesome to NOT pass along. Two plus two equals five if the bible says so?

Nye is right. Certainly he wouldn’t have an issue with his awesome 8 seconds being applied to this crap.

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