WATCH: Tom Hanks Joins Alec Baldwin To Humiliate Trump In SNL’s Best Cold Open Yet (VIDEO)

SNL has done an awesome job this season of turning their cold opens into Donald Trump bashfests so impressive that the Donald himself had no choice but to call for the “unfunny” show’s retirement after last week’s episode.

This week, Tom Hanks joined Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon to complete Trump’s debate humiliation, complete with uncontrollable snorting, incoherent babble and mindless interruptions. For her part, McKinnon did a fabulous job of poking fun at Secretary Clinton while still making it clear that on this parody stage, just like in real life, Trump is a loser:

This season of SNL has been like a breath of fresh air for those of us who have enjoyed their political satire for decades. They’ve managed to continue their tradition of poking fun at both parties with an emphasis on making the real tool of the election season, Lord Cheeto himself, look like a complete ignoramus.

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With 2 more episodes left before the election, we look forward to whatever magnificent Trump trashing SNL can come up with.

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