WATCH: Trump Breaks His Own Record For The Dumbest Minute Of Television Of All Time (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has a few areas that he does really well speaking about to the idiots who waste their time listening to him. No, I’m not giving him credit for actually having a plan, an idea or even a clue about things like immigration, crime, poverty or terrorism; I’m saying he has the vocabulary to keep hateful, ignorant people engaged enough to vote for him. He most likely learned it in middle school while bullying younger, smaller kids out of their lunch money so he could invest in the best lunch. The greatest lunch the school has ever seen. He’s going to eat the most…speactacular…tater tots ever.

Now that these imbeciles are nothing more than a flock of little Trumpsters, they’ll clap and cheer about anything he spews forth from his anus-shaped mouth. His speech in Gettysburg early Saturday afternoon is the perfect example. Stay tuned after the clip for commentary by someone who knows how to use the Google:

Energizing, wasn’t it? We’re terrible. Horrible. Our students are the worst in the world. Our children are idiots; our teachers are complete failures. This is the kind of negative, bullhonkey smearing rhetoric that keeps these buffoons coming back for more. Unfortunately, it’s all a crock of shit. Let’s talk about the three points Trump uses to sell himself as the education guru who will solve all of our problems:

Let’s turn our public education system into a voucher program so parents can decide where to send their kids.

This is better described as “let’s privatize our school system, allowing affluent families access to the best education, giving private, charter and religious schools the right to discriminate however they see fit and handing people who home school a check regardless of the program approved by their state.” In Texas, for example, you can home school your child without ever having to prove that they’ve learned anything.

A voucher program would gut the public school system in this country. There are very few places where voucher programs have been successful and those places have strict anti-discrimination laws and guidelines for teaching in place. Hand that kind of responsibility to states like Louisiana or Alabama and you’re asking for the same kind of institutional racism you’ll find in their private prison systems. In a voucher system, children living in poverty would get the shortest end of the shortest stick possible, leaving Republicans with yet another “look what the Democrats did to the inner cities” argument for the next election cycle.

It’s time to end common core and give local teachers the power to teach.

This is one of my favorites. Ted Cruz is always good for a chuckle when this issue comes up. He stood on the senate floor and demanded we repeal every word of Common Core. Trump has jumped right on that bandwagon. The problem is, the wagon has square wheels and the horses ran away.

Common Core is a voluntary program that states engage in because it gives the power to write the curriculum to — pay attention, Donald — teachers and administrators at the local level. It is not nor will it ever be a federal law. It’s called “Common Core” because it seeks to create a higher standard for all students at the core but allows for the teachers to design their own curriculum based on the needs of the kids in their immediate area to get there.

Common Core’s bad reputation comes from two misguided concepts. First, standardized testing and the amount of time teachers have to spend preparing kids for robotic learning. That’s not at all due to common core, it’s from the failed “No Child Left Behind” fiasco that Dubya’s administration came up with that ties federal funding to test results. That IS a federal law, Donald. Maybe you should look into it.

Second, we’ve all seen those social media posts of a parent outwitting a teacher because they know a simpler way to teach their 4th grader how to answer 243 minus 87 than that confusing “common core” solution:


What the genius who posted this doesn’t understand is that their child already knows how to solve that problem in simpler terms. They learned the traditional method in 1st grade, moved to double and triple digit problems by 3rd grade and now in 4th grade their teacher has decided that alternative and critical thinking is imperative to the development of a young mind. No, there was no “new math” conceived to sell textbooks. Teachers are simply better at their jobs than they were when this ignorant asshole went to school 30 years ago.

America is the worst in the world. We’re at the bottom. We spend more than anyone else to be dead last.

Not even close, Donald. There was a time, back when Reagan was declaring ketchup packets a vegetable, that you could argue we were the worst. No, we aren’t the best, but for 30 years we’ve been on the rise, and with programs like common core that give more power to actually teach to teachers, that trend will continue. Here’s a chart you’ll love, Donnie:


Elementary and middle school were traditionally where we performed the worst. Since 1992, the number of students graded as “advanced” has more than doubled. What year would you like to go back to in order to “make America great again?” Or perhaps we should just scrap what you say isn’t working — which translates to what isn’t making enough money for you and corporate America — and once again sell your idiots on the idea that progress is bad.

As for where we rank globally, not only are we not last, but most of the countries Trump ranked are in our same bracket or lower:


We certainly do have a long way to go, but no, we’re not anywhere near the bottom. As for spending more per student than any other country, we actually come in 5th. There are way too many social and economic factors involved to explain them to a clueless turd like Trump, so let’s just say…You’re fired, Donald. Go home.

Once again Trump has beaten his own record for the most idiotic minute of television of all time.


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