Watch Trump Voters Gush Over President’s Fictional Meeting With Charles Manson (VIDEO)

We know that Trump now resides in the White House, and is dropping bombs all over the world, because we are surrounded by some really, really f*cking stupid people. It’s amazing that we live in the information age, yet the low-information voters are out en masse, torturing the rest of us.

While these individuals don’t make wise decisions for the country – they do make for some decent late night comedy.

Jimmy Kimmel’s crew hit the streets to ask hard-core Trump supporters their thoughts on some trumped-up presidential actions. The scenarios were outlandish but that didn’t stop these Trumpers from defending and excusing nearly every single one.

The ludicrous scenarios didn’t make these Trumpers skip a beat, like Donald Trump meeting with Casey Anthony to talk about child endangerment or meeting with Stalin in the Oval Office regarding relations with Russia – it’s as if they hear the name “Trump” and are completely tone deaf to any of the words in the sentence.

Or, how about this one: “Are you surprised by Donald Trump’s choice to make Dr. Bill Cosby the Czar of Prescription Drugs?”

Well, he has had a lot of controversial people that he has picked, Carson and all that also. So I mean, as long as they are vetted properly and you know, they go through all the proper channels that they have to go through, I think that’s perfectly fine, that whoever the doctor is he picks.

Oh, and just wait until you hear how they are able to twist and excuse their Orange Lord “meeting with Charles Manson to help keep America safe.”

This IS why we can’t have nice things. These people. These dumbasses right here.

Watch stupid people attempt to defend Trump, here:

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