Watch Two Examples Of How Even Ted Cruz’s Own Daughters Do NOT Like Him (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz has a problem. The problem is that his own daughters, who he keeps putting in front of the cameras, can’t stand being around him. This isn’t conjectured – there are now two documented sightings of this happening.

The First: Ted had one of his daughters with him on a campaign stop. The crowd was dispersing and he was going to leave, so he moved in to give his daughter a goodbye kiss. At first, she tried flicking him away like a booger. Sadly that didn’t work and she had to cower away from him as Ted was busy eyeing at the cameras while trying to look like the ultimate family man. The poor girl did NOT want to be a part of his nonsense, and you could see it in the reaction she had

Watch the first short clip of how creepy Ted is below:

The Second: Yet again, Ted insists on making his daughters be in a situation where they are obviously not comfortable. This time, Ted was taking the stage with his family, and during the process tried to put his daughter in front of him so the cameras could see how amazing he was. His daughter had other plans. She ended up fleeing the scene, leaving the stage altogether. Ted moved to intercept, as he ran and tried to stop her so he could bring her back. Luckily she slipped his grasp and escaped to freedom

Watch Ted’s own daughter flee in terror of his ego below:

Ted’s daughters have been sending America a strong message this election cycle. That message is “Even WE think he’s creepy, so please don’t vote for him.”

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