Wednesday Morning Twitter: Hey Commander-In-Tweet, The Campaign Part Is Over

It’s the campaign that never ends.

You know, it’s almost as if the King of the Oompa Loompas is mad that he was elected. He can’t seem to get out of campaign mode and into presidential mode. Wow, who could have possibly predicted that would happen?

This morning, the small fingered crusader started out his day like he seems to start most of them – tantruming on Twitter.

Because clearly, this is the first election a President was selected using the Electoral College. *eyeroll*

But, Chief Cheeto Little Fingers didn’t stop there. He continued. . .

Yeah! Forget about the fact that Hillary won the popular vote. He would have too, he just chose not to. Duh! And then, this. . .

Why is he still focusing so much on the campaign? It’s over. The campaign part, the rallies, the shit talking about the opponent – it’s all over. Can someone please inform him? He is clearly confused about how all of this works.

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Meanwhile, as the President-elect of the United States continues his play-by-play of the most vicious, disastrous election in recent history, he is still not receiving his daily security briefings. It’s almost like the campaign was his peak and Trumplethinskin is now the old high school football player, reliving his glory days.

Except, this is the future President of the United States we’re talking about.

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