Wednesday Is Super Extra Racist Day For Ann Coulter On Twitter

Ann Coulter is fairly well-known for wearing her white supremacy on her sleeve. While she often tries to hide her ignorance under a veil of patriotism, there’s typically no question that she is a racist piece of trash elevated by the right as a spokesperson for stupidity. Some days, like today, she just can’t help removing that thin veil and wasting precious bandwidth on early morning tweets designed to do nothing but incite hate and spark controversy.

In short, Ann Coulter is a pile of sh*t. But that’s OK, you see, because unlike the rest of us, who understand that we’re a nation of immigrants who stole our land from the natives, Coulter says she’s descended from “settlers.” Peaceful people who came her to live off the land and take what God rightfully handed them…with guns, smallpox and a couple hundred years of violence and massacre.

Coulter was in rare form this Wednesday morning, beating all the other racists to the punch on social media to make sure her bands of followers have enough rage to get through the day:

Oh, she sure is clever. Do you see what she did there? Tehe. She’s saying that ALL Islam is radical. Re-tweeting an already hateful and intolerant meme designed to enrage people with small penises and large guns from a fake Mike Pence account wasn’t enough; she had to correct it for maximum effect.

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Tell us, Ann…if “radical” is so unnecessary, why have you spent the last eight years demanding it be added to the word “Islam” whenever it’s used? Could it be because you’re really just an a**hole whose ratings depend on mob-mentality hate and rage?

Here’s another wonderful tweet showing just how much Ann Coulter values minorities in our country:

It doesn’t take much for a white-supremacist douchebag to feel superior. Coulter refuses to acknowledge the privilege that came with her pasty skin and “settler” ancestors, who for hundreds of years have worked tirelessly to make sure children in predominantly white neighborhoods received the best possible schooling tax money could buy while the children in minority communities received systemic, institutional racism in the form of cops trained to arrest them as often as possible, courts dependent on their fine and bail money and prisons dependent on their free labor.

None of that matters to a complete tool like Ann Coulter, however, who believes that minorities are doing just fine in their rightful place beneath her. I have news for you, Ann…the only thing beneath the toilet water that is your existence is the drain that will someday flush you out.

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