Whiny Crybaby Trump Finally Tells Us Why He Tweets So Much–Promises To Never Stop

Over the weekend President-Elect Donald Trump spent a whole lot of time on Twitter whining about Saturday Night Live, China, American businesses and whatever else came to his empty mind. Now, Lord Cheeto has finally told us all why he won’t stop tweeting like an adolescent and it is the most ridiculous thing he has ever said:

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Yes, the guy who got so much free press he was able to win the presidency against all odds is STILL complaining that they are treating him unfairly. The guy who has a whole TV network, Bullsh*t Mountain, dedicated to pushing his racist agenda is STILL complaining that everyone is being super unfair. The guy who points at the press at his rallies and attacks them for no f*cking reason is STILL complaining that they are being mean to him. The guy who has ditched the press to go eat steak is STILL complaining they aren’t being fair to him.

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What’s worse is that this whiny, embarrassing man-child who is going to be the President of the United States in a little over a month is apparently telling us that he is going to continue his ridiculous behavior. He honestly believes that unless the media only tells the world how nice he is, he is being treated unfairly. He literally has no f*cking idea how the free press or First Amendment works.

Get your brain bleach ready, folks. You’re going to need it; it’s going to be a long four years.

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