White House Declares Week To Commemorate Death Of Political Professionalism

Last week, the White House announced their plan to celebrate things “Made in America,” calling attention to various institutions across the 50 states that made things here in the country — for instance, the factory in Southern California that makes MAGA hats.

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It worked, too. The media spent much of its time reporting on Trump’s super successful American-owned businesses in places like Vietnam, North Carolina and Indonesia, Georgia. It’s enough to make one wonder what’s next on the agenda, and the White House answered that question today in a short press release:

In response to the wild success of Made in America week, the White House has decided to focus on other aspects of American Culture and campaign promises that Mr. Trump wishes to highlight. Thus, the White House is pleased to announce that beginning next week, we’re going to be starting a week devoted to the death of political professionalism.

The press release would go on to note that the Trump Administration was in a unique position to celebrate the death of political professionalism in the United States, having a higher turnover count than a pastry eating contest. In fact, working for this administration in any capacity is similar to being an interior design specialist brought aboard to help pretty up the H.M.S Titanic — after the ship had already hit the ice burg.

Among the individuals confirmed to be partaking in this celebration include General Michael Flynn, Katie Walsh, Mark Corallo, Gerrit Lansing, and Monica Crowley. Sean Spicer was scheduled to attend, but before the New York Times could confirm, he ducked into the bushes outside of the White House.

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What comes after this? Who knows — one would suggest that the sky was the limit, but it’s hard to imagine they can see that from their position at the bottom of the barrel.

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