White Man Allegedly Chokes Black Boy For Littering, Cop Arrests Mother Who Reported It (VIDEO)

The motto of police departments across the country is “to protect and to serve.” Day in and day out most of the police in America do just that. But there are a few who seem to feel that wearing a badge and carrying weapons gives them some sort of extra power over the people they are supposed to be serving. A recent case out of Fort Worth, Texas is another example of someone being abused by the cop she was expecting to help her.

On December 21, Jacqueline Craig called police because she said a man had attempted to choke her son. The seven-year-old had apparently dropped a piece of paper on the ground, and Craig said the man had grabbed her son by the neck. But the officer decided that rather than try and get to the bottom of what happened he would harass Craig and question her parenting skills.

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This is where we tell you what you already knew — the man and the police officer are white. Craig and her family are black.

A video of the incident posted on Facebook has been viewed over 700,000 times. At the beginning of that video Craig can be heard explaining to the officer and to the man why she had called police. She tells the man, who is apparently a neighbor, that he could have come to talk to her if her son had been misbehaving. Craig says,

My son is 7 years old. You don’t have the right to grab him, choke him for no paper that he threw. What you should have done because we have been living here for years — you could have came to me. You don’t put your hands on my son.

But the cop ignores the man, who is standing nearby, and immediately blames Craig for the incident. “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?” he asks.

Craig is obviously not happy about the officer’s question and says it doesn’t matter whether her son littered or not, the man shouldn’t have put his hands on him. “Why not?” the officer asks.

Things very quickly get out of control when Craig’s daughter steps between the cop and her mother in what appears to be an attempt to calm her mother down. But when she does that the officer grabs her and pulls her out of the way. There’s a brief scuffle. The cop pulls his taser, takes Craig to the ground, and handcuffs her.

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Craig and two of her daughters were arrested. Jacqueline Craig was charged with resisting arrest. According to Fox4 Craig had some outstanding traffic violations which also caused her to be charged with “failing to identify as a fugitive from justice.” The man who started the whole incident by allegedly choking Craig’s son was not arrested or charged.

This incident once again shows how to some members of the police whenever there is a confrontation between races the person of color is always assumed to be in the wrong. Jacqueline Craig expected help from the police. Instead of getting help, she got arrested.

Here’s the video, via Facebook:

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