White Mom Who Left Her Child In Hot Car Flips Out Over Black Woman Calling Cops On Her

Talisha Martin, a 27 year old mom from Florida, wants you to know she is a victim. She’s a victim of a nasty black woman who “sticks her nose in” where it doesn’t belong. She’s also a victim of an overbearing police department who arrested her for no reason at all!

Talisha’s version of the story goes like this: She had to stop at Walmart for toilet paper. She left her child alone in the car while she ran in to get it. She said that she left the child secure, in a running vehicle with the air conditioning turned on to keep it cool. She also said that her entire trip from her car, into Walmart, and back out again was 7 minutes in total.

While she spent 7 minutes at Walmart, she said that a black woman called the cops because she saw her child in the car unattended. Also within that 7 minutes the police broke previous land speed records in order to arrest her at the scene.

A capture of Talisha’s version of the story from her Facebook page is below:


Not content to leave bad enough alone, Talisha started responding to friends’ comments on her original post where she left this absolutely bone-headed response:


DCF is Florida’s version of child protective services. She states, maybe a little incoherently, that DCF has investigated her family multiple times in the past. However, according to her it was “all false accusations” then immediately contradicts herself to say there was only one time that DCF investigated her family. So which is it – multiple investigations or only one?

It goes without saying that this isn’t exactly how it happened. The local police gave the correct version of the story:


And the 7 minutes turned suddenly into 40 minutes, and the air conditioner was broken or not turned on properly, so it was filling the car with hot air. Not only that, but when good old mom showed up she was, as the police say, slurring and stuttering and wasn’t even aware her child was missing until the police told her.

This didn’t sit well with Talisha’s husband, who also weighed in on Facebook with his own version of the story even though he was not there at Walmart with his wife at the time so he literally has no idea what happened.


So, Talisha took her child with her to Walmart, which is fine, but couldn’t take the child into the store with her. Yet, by her husbands own admission HE WAS HOME AT THE TIME. Why the hell didn’t she just leave her child with him?

In the end, Scott and his wife decided that it was time to stop lying and just accept the fact they are bad parents. 


Notice how they are still the victim according to Scott? Now, instead of being the victim of black people and cops, though, they are the victim of their Facebook friends who are unanimously calling them out for lying about how irresponsible they are with their children.

That’s great that you made such a comeback, Scott, from wherever you claim you’ve been before. It’ll be even better if your kids are alive to enjoy it with you.

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  • Charlotte

    I have to ask why their FaceBook friends bother to be friends with them.