White Privilege 101: Teacher Who Can’t Speak Spanish Sues When Not Hired To Teach Spanish

Tracy Rosner is a third grade teacher in Florida.  She’s been working at Coral Reef Elementary for a decade now, and seems to have been doing a fine job of it — up until now. Now, she’s just being an idiot.

Tracy wanted to apply for a new job at the school, teaching reading and language arts in the “Extended Foreign Language (EFL)” program. The goal of the program is to allow students to learn a language other than English — in this case, Spanish — for one hour per day, along side their regular classes. Nothing strange so far, right?

The problem is that Tracy knows so little Spanish that she needs an interpreter to read the menu at Taco Bell. Objectively speaking, she’s completely not qualified for the job because she knows absolutely none of the required material.

The school politely thanked her for the interest she showed, but explained that she has to be able to speak Spanish since that’s quite literally what teaching the class entails. In the end, she was turned down for the job.

It’s what you’d call a “No, duh” moment if there ever was one. That’s when Rosner went into full angry white a-hole mode. Rosner ran off and found the first lawyer she could who would do anything for money, and filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination based on the fact she’s white.

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Rosner’s whaaambulance-chasing lawyer said she was denied the job “because of her race and national origin as a Non-Hispanic individual who was not a fluent and native Spanish-speaker.”

This is seriously the best part of her entire complaint. Rosner says the school should have given her the job, then hired someone else to teach the Spanish component. She’s basically saying “give me the job, but hire a second person to do it for me.”

She’s also claiming employment discrimination based on the fact the area’s population is two thirds majority Latino or Hispanic, so this — in her strange mind — means she somehow has minority status as a white person.

I bet she votes Republican.

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  • Doug

    I bet she cannot figure out how to register to vote.

  • Rob

    “knows so little Spanish that she needs an interpreter to read the menu at Taco Bell”

    now that’s funny.