White Privilege A-Holes Discuss Proper Use Of The N-Word: ‘Is It N***a Or N***er?’ (SCREENSHOTS)

A so-called “Christian” school full of entitled, privileged white brats in Orlando was caught recently having an incredibly absurd discussion about the proper use of the “N-word.” Black Lives Matter activist and author Shaun King pulled this out on his Facebook page, because exposing the deep-seeded racism at the core of white America is the only way to root it out.

There’s not much you can say about this other than, “Wow. Who raised these assholes?”

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Yes, that conversation actually happened. That this group of arrogant, racist buffoons thinks it has the right to call black people anything other than black people is astonishing. No, it has nothing to do with how mean “they” are. It has nothing to do with whether or not “they” are your friends.” You don’t get to call anyone anything out of pure disrespect and let’s face it; that’s all this is. A public discussion about disrespect.

Some will say, “kids will be kids,” but it goes far beyond that. These kids have parents who have failed them. They go to a “Christian” school that has failed them. They will have children of their own one day and they will fail them. As long as this is how half of the children in this country are raised by their systemically racist, most often “conservative” parents, we’ll never evolve as a society.

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That’s just sad. Almost as sad as the discussion itself.

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