Whoa, Dude! Did Trump-Loving Roger Stone Really Say THIS About Weed? (VIDEO)

Stopped clock syndrome is alive and well, and coming from a surprising place: Trump supporter Roger Stone. The former Nixon henchman’s clock appears to have stopped at 4:20, as he took to Alex Jones’ InfoWars YouTube channel to talk about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ plan to revive the war on weed.

Stone joined InfoWars’ David Knight to discuss the drug war, which he calls the worst thing Nixon did other than taking the U.S. off the gold standard. And for once you get to hear some things from him that actually make sense, such as when he points out that “you can’t be for states’ rights when it comes to transgender bathrooms, and be for states’ rights when it comes to abortion, and be for states’ rights when it comes to medicinal marijuana, and then say ‘well, I’m not for states’ rights when it comes to recreational marijuana.”

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Stone still kisses Trump’s ass, though. He blames the renewal of the war on weed on Sessions and others in the Trump administration, not on the God-Emperor himself. Stone not only forgives Trump for hiring Sessions, he also gives the Orange King a pass for selecting congressman Tom Marino as his drug czar. Stone thinks Trump wasn’t aware that Marino has staked out an extreme position on marijuana.

So check this out. It’s about the only sanity you’ll ever hear out of Roger Stone or InfoWars. Maybe he should change his name to “Stoner.”

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