Deranged Bully Vs. Unhinged Tyrant: Why Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un Are Basically The Same Person

As the United States sharpens its swords in preparation for yet another war, one thing is glaringly obvious: President Donald Trump’s dangerously unpredictable bullying temperament is exactly like Kim Jong-Un’s.

As the news breaks that North Korea threatened to strike Guam with its new nuclear play-toys, the internet was atwitter with fear and anxiety over Trump’s promise of “fire and fury.” Of course, Trump’s threats would receive a “double-dog-dare” from the “Dear Leader,” and it isn’t a threat where Trump can hide behind Hillary Clinton’s emails. It’s game time and he’s on vacation.

The faceoff is like two man-children comparing the size of their penises when the rest of the world knows they’re both tiny. They’re both flabby, entitled little brats whose daddies gave them everything they have. I bet Russian President Vladimir Putin is laughing at both of them.

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Have you ever noticed the sick look of excitement and pleasure Kimmy gets when he sees a parade of weapons? It’s what Trump said he wanted for his inauguration, but he didn’t get it. Finally, the French president gave him some tanks for Bastille Day.

Beyond their tiny members and tiny hands, the two operate in a kind of “calculated ambiguity” and “coercive diplomacy.” While many treaties are signed by those leaders in sync, these two are so together they’re cycles are practically in sync. Now one is throwing a fight so the other must as well.

Since being elected, Trump has blasted out a dozen or so tweets bashing the country and Un as well as China for not warring with their psychopathic neighbor. Like Kim, Trump’s mind is made up and he’s ready to stage the war he’s always wanted and his dad never gave him.

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These men are the same, and while we all hoped they would find common ground instead of blowing us all up, they’re probably both secretly thrilled to be the last presidents of their country if the nuclear war were to come.

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