Why I Wouldn’t Send Paul Ryan On A Date With Your Mom

Because he f*cking hates women. Know how I know he hates women? Check this sh*t out…

Ryan is desperately trying to save his baby, the American Health Care Act, from defeat at the hands of fellow Republicans in the House. And to do that he has been adding “goodies” to the bill to attract votes from conservatives. One of those goodies, designed to appeal to the most heartless of the heartless (which is at least 75 percent of elected GOP representatives), is the requirement that new mothers on Medicaid find work within 60 days of giving birth or risk losing benefits.

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Yes, that’s right. Paul Ryan, the leader of the party of “life,” the party that never met a fetus it didn’t love, thinks that new mothers should load up their one month-old kid and drag him or her around in all kinds of weather while mom searches for a job. If anybody still needed more proof that the GOP doesn’t give a damn about human life once it emerges from the birth canal, there it is.

And concern for the needs of women? As Chris Christie might say, “fuggedaboutit.” Ryan is the kind of guy who would get a woman pregnant, claim it was all her fault for “spreading her legs,” then walk away from both mom and baby. You have a new kid? Sucks to be you. Why did you let me get you pregnant?

Why doesn’t Ryan want new mothers who receive Medicaid to have the same opportunity to stay home with a newborn that their more well-off counterparts enjoy? Paul Ryan and his Republican colleagues will deny it every time they are challenged on it, but this is the reason: they believe that a person’s worth is directly connected to the amount of revenue they are able to produce for a business. If mom is on Medicaid she isn’t producing for the economy. She is, to use Ryan’s own words, a “taker,” not a “maker.” Therefore he couldn’t care less about a new mother or her baby. And once again the supposedly devout Catholic Speaker of the House is quite happy to throw the very people under the bus that his BFF Jesus loved the most.

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