Why This Statement By Kellyanne Conway Is The Dumbest Thing She’s Ever Said

Kellyanne Conway is one thing above and beyond all others: a spinmaster. Her entire job in life is to sit in front of the camera and avoid answering questions by presenting alternate topics and scenarios at alarming rates, often confusing interviewers into believing she has a clue.

In the case of the Russians hacking the DNC to influence an election in favor of the man whose campaign she managed, she’s proven she is well worth her weight in gold as a master of avoidance and deflection and cemented her place in history as a darned fine operative and a pathological liar. Sure, she looks like she hasn’t slept in months and probably regrets the deal she made with Satan to get Trump elected, but she’s here now and there’s nothing to be done but continue all of the lies for at least four years.

Conway has been pushing back against the Russian hacking issue since day one. As soon as we found out a foreign government was trying to influence our elections, her job has been to deny it, putting partisan politics ahead of the country’s best interest to save face for a fluke campaign that pulled off the impossible.

President Obama and several ranking members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have said we should put politics aside and investigate. Nobody has discussed or ever seriously suggested that the election itself be overturned, since there’s no proof of tampering with actual votes. This isn’t about politics. It’s about it not happening again, to any party, from any foreign government.

It’s not about politics until the buck stops at Donald Trump or his surrogates, who can’t seem to let it go lest someone say something mean like, “you don’t deserve to be president.” Well, he doesn’t, but that’s beside the point. He is what we have, by our own laws and standards, and will be sworn in on January 20th. Short of finding a concrete connection between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin itself, that’s not going to change.

Which is why this statement by Kellyanne Conway is possibly the dumbest thing she’s ever said:

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She had a particularly derpy look on her face, too, didn’t she? That’s because what she just said is the quintessential theory behind Trump politics. Deny, deflect, avoid, say whatever comes to mind; just do it quickly before the dimwits who have put an idiot in charge of the free world figure out that you’re the ONLY ones making this about politics.

At this point we really just want this inauguration and nightmare to happen so we can start a countdown to when it will be over.

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