Wingnuts Drop ‘Ghetto’ And ‘Coon’ After Malia Obama Was Caught…Doing Nothing (SCREENSHOTS)

Oh my…Malia Obama was caught having a life again. This time, it was a house party in Philadelphia where — surprise, surprise — young adults were seen in the same room as a water bong. No, Malia wasn’t caught smoking the bong. Yes, small amounts of pot have been decriminalized for legal adults in the city anyway. No, there’s nothing to see here:

no title

There’s nothing to see unless you’re a conservative douchebag, that is. If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “what an asshole her “friend” is for snapping that shot. Leave the poor young woman alone.” If you’re a conservative, you’re thinking, “What is that black girl doing bringing a bong to a party full of nice, white kids. Hood rat.”

Think I’m kidding? Check out some of the comments on a conservative page telling the story of how “common hood rat” Malia Obama was “caught smoking pot AND WE HAZ THE PROOFZ!!!”

malia1 malia2 malia3

They sure do know how to put something completely benign and insignificant into perspective, don’t they? They must have been busy burning Colin Kaepernick jerseys to read the memo on how little anyone cares about racist imbeciles.

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