Wingnuts React To Obama’s Pledge To Clean Up Unexploded Bombs From A Secret War (SCREENSHOTS)

President Obama became the first sitting United States Chief Executive to ever step foot in Laos. The small landlocked nation became the victim of a covert bombing strategy during the Vietnam War to cut off communist advances and supply lines. Millions of cluster bombs, large ordinances that release hundreds of “bomblets” each, were dropped on a country we were never supposed to be in, leaving a cleanup that has been an ongoing thorn in the side of the Laotian people for decades.

Over the past 20 years, the US has acknowledged the damage we did in Laos and contributed nearly $100 million to help fix it, which has reduced annual deaths from run-ins with deadly war relics from 200 to 50. Still…Consider that 50 people, often children, are killed every year just for stepping in the wrong spot on their own land or touching the bottom of a stream while having a swim. President Obama, along with anyone who feels any sort of empathy, finds that unacceptable and pledged to increase US spending on cleanup of unexploded ordinances to $90 million over the next three years.

In return, the Lao government pledged to increase efforts to find and return the remains of American servicemen lost in their country. All in all, the President’s trip to Laos was a diplomatic success. Unless you’re a conservative with blinders on who only sees a man hell-bent on spending your tax dollars on such wasteful things as saving the lives of children when he should be spending it more important stuff like stopping abortion.

See what I did there?

So the story is pretty cut and dry and yet another reason for us to be proud of a man who has served us with dignity and grace for nearly eight years. Time to check in with the right to see what they think, because if we allow ourselves to forget what the opposition is saying we allow ourselves to forget just how important it is to push for everyone with an IQ over 90 to go out and counter the votes of the ignorant. Here’s how they feel about cleaning up a mess we made in a country we shouldn’t have been in that will save hundreds of innocent lives:

Right? How dare he? It’s almost like he’s the chief executive with ultimate say over where portions of the budget assigned to the executive branch of government are allocated.

Exactly. When can we return to a time when a country like Laos would turn down a meeting with the President of the United States because being seen with him was a sheer embarrassment?

He sure does. If he loved America he never would have left and gone to another country. He should be in Louisiana doing drywall.

They also call that the “federal budget.” Just sayin’.

Yeah. Bro. Help the blacks! Soros for prison! Numerous other things I don’t understand but screw youi Oblamer

“No one paid us to get rid of them.” Lawdy lawdy, the ignorance…it burns…No one paid us to put them there, either, but that doesn’t quite fit into this particular smear campaign.

You know you can’t trust those darned women. Ahem do you think it’s money already allocated for foreign aid that the president doesn’t need your approval to spend?

It certainly isn’t stopping the senseless deaths of children trying to kick a soccer ball around, that’s for sure. Morality only works on American soil.

I’m pretty sure I saw him take my wallet just last night. At least I think it was him. They all look the same.

Is there a watchdog committee to make sure he isn’t tossing away our money frivolously on stupid things like removing 40-year-old bombs from a secret war? Ask Trey Gowdy to put it on his list once he sorts out what happened in Benghazi.

How about you talk to Republicans and tell them to stop blocking every bill the Democrats send their way to help veterans because the president is black.

There’s a whole plethora of stupid going on over what should be a rallying call to help any way we can. The fact that there are so many completely clueless people in this country truly saddens me. Our president just stepped off his plane and offered true humanitarian assistance in cleaning up a mess we created and the reaction is “Obama hates America?” Sad indeed.

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