With Trump’s History Of Oil Lust His Secretary Of State Pick Makes Perfect Sense

So, Donald Trump has officially announced through his official White House communication channel (Twitter) that he is nominating Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, for Secretary of State.

For most of us the announcement makes us wince a little bit. Okay, it makes us want to drive our cars off freaking bridges, if we’re being honest. One doesn’t have to look very hard to figure out exactly why this selection should be considered the largest clusterfuck in modern history.

See, Trump has been having a Trumpertantrum on Twitter about oil for years. The oil in Iraq has been stuck in his craw since we invaded (likely before, if we knew even half of it) and it has only escalated throughout the years.

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First, Trump said we should be receiving payment for our military efforts in oil. You know, we come to your country and bomb the shit out of you (anyone remember Shock and Awe?), and you show us your sincere gratitude by giving us ohhhh, let’s say, 50 percent of your oil.

Then, the Trumpertantrum escalated to we should have just stolen the oil.

His turmoil about who would get Iraq’s oil continued. . .

Then, like he was living a nightmare, he had to tweet about China buying oil from Iraq (likely fueling his sweatshop factories, which he fails to mention).

For years he has stewed about the oil and he went from wanting some of the oil to all of the oil.

And then, like a stalker boyfriend who says, “If I can’t have her, no one can,” he started into destructo-mode.

While ISIS did have oil fields in Iraq (and Syria) and sold their oil on a black market for lower prices than the oil that actually went through the refineries, all of which are government-owned in Iraq – they have since lost control of any oil wells in Iraq. That loss was due to the United States and coalition forces strategically BOMBING oil facilities which were ISIS controlled.

So actually, under President Obama’s Administration, what Trump was advocating for was already being done.

But, let’s not be quick to excuse Trump’s tantrums, here. Trump may have been echoing the actions already taking place, but it’s clear he didn’t realize it was happening. It’s also clear, when examining his escalating tantrum, that his reasoning for calling for the destruction of the oil wasn’t to combat anything on a global scale, but as a vindictive act of possessiveness and possibly his own greed.

He seems to think the United States has every right to just steal resources held in another country and he has been pissed as hell that other criminals pillaged first.

You know what would really kick the oil peddlers in the ass? Funding renewable energy resources and freeing ourselves from our oil dependency. But, that’s not Trump’s endgame.

Lord Cheeto wants U.S. ownership of the oil in the middle east and if we can’t have it, well then it should be destroyed.

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He has appointed an oil man to get the job done. An oil man who received the “Order of Friendship” from Putin in 2013 – one of the Russia’s highest honors.

This is what Trump has fantasized about for years and now, as President of the United States, he will get to live out some of his most lustful dreams about all that oil.

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