Bigots Freak Out Over Nike Announcement Of Hijab For Muslim Athletes

One distinctive feature of the wardrobe of Muslim women is the head scarf or hijab. The head covering is only required of women in a handful of Muslim countries, but millions of Muslim women around the world wear it by choice.

Many female Muslim athletes wear hijabs during sporting events. As you can imagine, competing in athletics while wearing a scarf can be somewhat awkward, and some of them have complained about it. Enter Nike. The athletic apparel company announced on Tuesday that they would be introducing a purpose designed “Pro Hijab” for Muslim women competitors.

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Nike’s announcement was hailed by many on social media. But when CNN tweeted their story about it, the Islamophobes lost their minds.

The popular theme, as it is many times when the right discusses Islam, was the oppression of women in some Muslim countries. They couldn’t care less about American women and their rights, but when it comes to Islam, every righty is suddenly a feminist.

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There were a few who fought back against the ignorance.

And a few more who simply mocked the haters.

Of course there are concerns about women’s rights in some Muslim countries, just as there are in some western countries. But the people who complained about the Nike hijab proved themselves largely ignorant on the issue. To them, any woman who wears a hijab, even by choice, is supporting the oppression of women. But married Orthodox Jewish women are also required to cover their hair. Are they displaying a symbol of oppression?

Lost on these folks is the idea that insisting Muslim women not wear the hijab is the same thing as those women being told they have to wear it. But nobody ever said these people were smart enough to actually think their positions through.

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