Yet Another ‘Tiny Crowd’ Picture Shows Trump As A Meager, Inadequate Buffoon

Unless you live in New England or grew up here, you probably hate the New England Patriots. Hating the Patriots — and in particular Tom Brady — is a sport unto itself. Now just imagine you’re a member of that team and the focus of so much of that hate. Wouldn’t you think you’d do everything in your power to cast yourself in a positive light?

That was exactly what happened just two years ago when the Patriots won their 4th Super Bowl. They came together as a team, as they always do, and traveled to meet and be photographed with one of the most popular people on the planet: President Barack Obama:

The gang’s all there. They even brought a nice “44” jersey for President Obama. There was no moral dilemma over whether or not to show up. There was no big decision to make; the President of the United States invited you to the White House…you go to the White House.

So what changed in 2017? You get one giant steaming orange pile of a guess. The Patriots once again won the Super Bowl only this time they showed up at about half-strength, with a huge number of players opting out of the invitation. The result was a photo that can be added to Trump’s wall of shame along with his inauguration crowd and his victory tour:

Even Tom Brady, who stays out of politics but is a known acquaintance of the Butternut Bigot, decided he had better things to do than being photographed with a guy who will most likely go down in history for his mugshot. After all…if your claim to fame is belonging to a team called “Patriots,” do you really want to be seen colluding with Vladimir Putin’s puppet?

You almost have to wonder if they sent the “45” jersey to its rightful owner.

Trump hates these pictures of small turnouts. It makes him feel as tiny as his baby hands. You know what to do.


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