You Heartless Bastards! As You Gloat About Trumpcare Failing These People Are Suffering

While millions of commie liberals celebrate the initial failure of Trumpcare and millions of Americans will remain covered under the existing ACA, so lovingly called Obamacare – a few hundred rich people are going to be really, really sad about not getting those tax breaks.

This hurts, man. This hurts bad.

So as peasants rejoice in the privilege of still having, you know, basic healthcare – the powerful minority will mourn the loss of not being able to swindle a few million guised as healthcare reform.

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Just look at these possible sacrifices they may have to make so you can get basic medical care!

The Old Wealthy Businessman who still brags about that time he was featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” in 1982 may have to consider buying the “Al Said” yacht for $300 million instead of the “Superyacht A” for $323 million that he oooohhhh so had his heart set on.

Ultimately, he will choose the “Dubai” for $350 million because sh*t’s getting real and damn it, he deserves it!

Oh and the Slimy Weasel-Faced Big Pharma Twit may actually give the silver-plated backpack a second glance before deciding to follow through with his original intent of buying this gold one for $1650.

The horror he would feel in those few brief moments will scar him for at least the next day or so.

Let’s not forget about the Loud-Mouthed Fake-Cowboy Cigar-Smoking Good ‘Ole Boy who has made his fortune extracting black gold from federally owned lands may have to second guess his plans to purchase another $7.2 million building to house his antique car collection.

It’s savage to store these beauties so close together.

And then there are the Fourth Generation Real Estate Brats who could be forced to imagine life without their PRIMA Cinema Services – which is like rich people Netflix – only for $35k setup and $500 a movie.

Then they said “Nah” because how could you possibly fly on the Learjet watching the same movies the plebeians do.

But wait, that’s not all. The Wanton Over-Indulged Celebrity Socialite may have to briefly consider using the word “or” rather than “and” when deciding upon the $4.2 million tiara and $1.8 million 52-carat diamond dog collar for her newest uber-micro-teacup, hypoallergenic, gluten-free hairless English Wolfhound.

Precious likes his bling! Okay! He couldn’t stop barking when he saw it modeled on this dog.

Oh and what about the Super Old Casino Owner who looks like that withered potato in the back of your pantry? Well, he may have to reevaluate his decision to spend $20 million on his third mistress’s penthouse.

He hates to let her go, but times are getting tough.

The Sociopathic Insurance Demon who unscrupulously trolls the sick and dying through his team of corporate bean counters may have to seek out a slightly smaller private island to purchase.

But, that doesn’t mean it won’t be large enough to have its own private island airport. 

But, likely the worst hit of them all is the Orange-Tinted Hamster-Haired Wanna-Be-Dictator. This defeat has been a mighty blow to his super important ego. And, he may even have to scale back on his undocumented help.

The travesty!

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