You Want Me To Unite And Stand Behind Trump? F*ck You

So, right-wing America thinks that it is my job as a citizen of this country to stand behind Donald Trump and support him as the president? F*ck you.

My son woke up yesterday morning and asked me if he could stay home from school because a man who had called his father a “criminal” was just elected president of the United States. My goddaughter woke up and asked her mom,”What’s going to happen to uncle Alex now?” because she knows that my husband is from another country. She, by the way, is half African-American and now lives in a country where a man who was endorsed by the motherfucking KKK is president. I watched this man use xenophobia to attract voters. I watched him say people like my husband are rapists.

You think I should unite behind that racism? F*ck you.

For the last eight years I have watched the right denigrate President Obama every chance they got. I have watched the right Photoshop the Obamas’ faces on monkeys. I have watched conservative politicians obstruct him at every turn. I heard the man who as just elected president tell spread a rumor for years that Obama wasn’t an American citizen and he could prove it (he never did, of course).

You want me to unite behind that disrespect? F*ck you.

For the last two years I have watched conservative America attack Hillary Clinton because her husband cheated on her twenty years ago. I have listened to them call her a “c*nt” and a “b*tch” and tell me that she “belongs in jail.” I have listened to conservative America as they slammed her for her looks, her clothes and tell me that she isn’t a real woman. I heard Donald Trump say that he “grabs ’em by the p*ssy” and Hillary Clinton doesn’t “look” like a president (obviously because she has the kind of p*ssy he likes to grab without consent).

You want me to unite behind that misogyny? F*ck you.

Since Sept. 11, I have watched the right attack Muslims for no other reason than they are Muslim. I have seen the rise in Islamophobic hate crimes. I heard Donald Trump when he said he was going to ban an entire religion from entering the country. I have seen the fear in the eyes of Muslims across this country.

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You want me to unite behind that Islamophobia? F*ck you.

In 2015, the LGBT community were finally given the right to marry. In 2016, I listened to Donald Trump say that he was going to elect a Supreme Court justice who would help overturn marriage equality. He never backed away from this stance even after 49 people were murdered in a gay nightclub in my state because they were gay. I watched my best friend mourn one of her friends who was lost at Pulse. I watched her fight against Donald Trump’s promises to hurt the LGBT community while trying to attract bigots on the right.

You want me to unite behind that homophobia? F*ck you.

I listened to Donald Trump attack a Gold Star family. I heard him when he said John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was a prisoner of war. I watched Donald Trump tell his supporters that he was going to “bomb the shit” out of the Middle East and force us into another war. One of my friends was killed in the last war Republicans waged on the Middle East, he was 19 years old. I listened to Donald Trump disparage the military that my brother served in. I listened when Donald Trump said he knew more than the generals.

You want me to unite behind any of that? F*ck you.

Hear me now: I will never, ever support Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, not Donald Trump. He only won because of the archaic Electoral College system, just like George W. Bush did. Still think I should stand behind him?


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