You’ll Laugh Your Butt Off At These Libertarian Presidential Debate Highlights

Let’s face it. Libertarians are a bunch of idiots. But despite their intentionally impossible stupidity, you might have thought their presidential candidates would be smarter than their voters. I mean they are actually running for President of the United States, so they won’t be as dumb as their libertarian voters. Right?

Wrong! If you want some evidence of that, just look at these highlights from the Libertarian candidates debate.

Here are some of the gems from Gary Johnson, the frontrunner for the Libertarian nomination:

When asked whether it was wrong for the United States to intervene in WWI? In WWII? Johnson’s entire answer was “I don’t know.

Johnson was the only candidate who said he would require drivers to have licenses, citing possible dangers — such as blind drivers.

Johnson: “If we legalized all drugs tomorrow, the world would be a much better place.”

Johnson also said, “I’m not smart enough to say whether global warming is man-made.”

Austen Petersen, who is the strongest competition for Johnson, had the following remarks:

He said the government doesnt need the government to build roads because “in the future, we’ll have jetpacks.

“Whether or not global warming is real not, it’s not the government’s business to fight it.”

Other insightful comments came from some of the novelty candidates:

When asked how they would fund things like healthcare and the military, Darryl Perry thought we should rely on citizens’ “voluntary contributions,” and he actually said “The military should be as big as can be on donations and bake sales.

I understand that this sounds ridiculous, and maybe even a bit sensationalistic. It could sound so wild that you might think it was a fake news story. That’s the biggest joke of all. It isn’t. ABC news was there and, despite how it sounds, these things were all confirmed to be said by the candidates.

If you’re feeling left out, disappointed, or otherwise less than enthusiastic this year, remember if you vote for a Libertarian you aren’t really protest voting. Major political parties don’t care how many votes Libertarians get. However, Libertarians look at the numbers and take it as a justification for them to keep pushing ideas like this on a gradually stupider American public. We don’t need any more of this nonsense in our lives.

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  • “If we legalized all drugs tomorrow, the world would be a much better place.” Yes, this is true. The global war on drugs is based on racism, ignorance and pharmaceutical profiteering. Time to end the war on drugs!

  • Richard Haven

    Libertarians are not idiots; they are sort of sweet and naive, like Marxists. They have not actually read all of Adam Smith, and they think that the civil court system is the best form of justice. It’s sort of like the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny.